Sector Focus

Our investments focus on the following strategic industries:

Financial Services

With the opening up of China’s capital markets, the demand for financial services is a rising trend. Key industry opportunities in the financial services sector include the promotion of multi-tier capital market in China, the increase in overseas wealth allocation from Asia investors, and the application of technology in traditional financial services. These important trends have brought ample investment opportunities to financial services companies such as brokers, asset management firms, insurance companies and banks.

Our investment focuses on financial services providers that are full-licensed, with extensive global network and advanced technology as they are well benefited to the current environment.

We have invested in AMTD Group, a Hong Kong-based comprehensive financial institution group with services coverage across the Chinese mainland and the world, GF Securities (1776.HK), one of the largest non-state-owned securities brokerage in China, and China Taiping (966.HK), an one-stop integrated financial and insurance services provider across mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Europe, Oceania, East Asia and Southeast Asia.









New Energy

The demand for renewable resources remains strong thanks to the climate change policies and improving cost-competitiveness of the industry. In particular, developing economies such as China, India and Brazil have seen a strong increase in investment.

In recent years, the renewable sector has become more and more dominated by solar and wind energy. Given the prudent demand, we believe that industry leaders in the solar and wind industry with advanced technology are well-positioned to benefit from this trend.

We have invested in Xinte Energy (1799.HK), the largest EPC contractor in the solar industry, a leading manufacturer of solar-grade polysilicon as well as wind power resource developer in China.


The ongoing digital transformation of strategic industries, in particular FinTech and automation, as well as the increasing application of smartphone in our lives are important factors driving the demand of the industry. Mobile games, FinTech and the online-to-offline universe are key areas with great investment potential.

We have invested a number of leading players in this sector, including, an Internet Financial services company based in Shanghai and UCAR, one of the largest chauffeured car service providers in China, and EMQ, a leading financial settlement network in Asia where our CEO Mr. Raymond Yung serve as a member of board of directors.








The increase in personal disposable income and health awareness have fueled the rapid rise in China’s healthcare expenditure and thus leading to secular growth in medical and healthcare demand. To benefit from this trend, we invest in selected companies ranging from medical devices manufacturer, medical services provider and healthcare product maker in major cities in China in order to achieve a sustainable and attractive return.