Competitive Strengths

L.R. Capital is keen to facilitate the linkage of resources and capital as the Company values collaboration and synergies after investing in portfolio companies. We differentiate ourselves from other family investment offices or private equity firms in the following aspects:

High Scarcity Value

• An industry-renowned investment management platform with diversified investment strategy across asset classes and key focused industries
• Diversified investment portfolio comprised of liquid publicly listed stocks, private equity investments and businesses with management control and good prospects
• Nimble investment strategy span across capital markets, strategic investments, and adjust to new investment themes in capturing growth opportunities globally
• High conviction investments in key focused industrials such as financial services, new energies, FinTech, etc.

Industry-Leading Investment Capabilities And Unparalleled Access To Quality Opportunities

• Solid deal sourcing capability supported by its unique access to quality targets
• Close cooperation with reputable and resourceful business partners to source good investment opportunities as well as co-invest
• Achieving high investor returns

Close-up of business partners making pile of hands at meeting

Close-up of business partners making pile of hands at meeting

Unique operation model creates long term value to all stakeholders

• Bringing strategic value and advisory expertise to portfolio companies and creating synergies among these companies to maximize valuation creation

• Separation of shareholders and professional management team to achieve effective decision making mechanism focusing on long term value creation

• Enjoying the unique benefits as a global family office to tailor-make each investment decision

Communication mechanism rooted in the local market to facilitate faster, more efficient and more astute investment and exit decisions

• Best-in-class management team and investment professionals supported by the industry-renowned global advisory team and strong relationships with stakeholders

• Management team and investment professionals possessing strong investment expertise and have a variety of elite background, including Big 4 accounting firms, global investment banks, and regulatory bodies, fostering the firm’s long-standing relationships with capital market players and regulators

• Global advisory team is comprised of industry leaders and provides guidance, industry expertise, and access to investment opportunities

• Well equipped with the capability of completing complex investment and financing deals



Prudent risk management and well-established corporate governance

• Sound internal governance structure and thorough investment review procedures

• Separate Risk Management / Investment Committee for its business areas